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Why choose shower glass doors instead of bathroom curtains?

Why choose shower glass doors instead of bathroom curtains?

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the pursuit of beauty has become more in-depth, and everyone has a lot of insights on the decoration style of the bathroom.

More and more people choose to build a shower enclosure in the bathroom, with their favorite style. The bathroom curtain also gradually withdrew from the bathroom stage.

So what are the advantages of the shower room?

①Achieve dry and wet separation

②Easy to clean and will not accumulate dirt

③Beautiful and generous, suitable for modern bathroom decoration style

④Various styles, there is always one that meets your requirements

⑤Longer service life, and bathroom curtains need to be replaced frequently

Sunny shower has a variety of shower rooms to choose from, such as sliding shower doors, bathtub doors, pivot shower doors, bi-fold shower doors, corner shower doors, walk in shower doors and so on.

The glass shower door is easy to clean and will not accumulate water droplets like a bathroom curtain, difficult to clean, and easy to breed bacteria. Just wipe gently, the water droplets on the glass shower door can be cleaned up.

So what is your choice? Would you choose shower glass doors or bathroom curtains?