Bring elegance and quality into life

Bring elegance and quality into life

At the end of the day's work, the lights on the road are already on. Taking a comfortable hot bath to relieve the tired body from working all day and enjoy the tranquility and comfort of home is a wonderful thing.

However, the layout design of the bathroom space is unreasonable, which greatly reduces the happiness index of the shower experience. How to create a shower space with safety, beauty, quality, and humanization? Today, let's walk into bathroom brand - Sunnyshower, and talk about the shower room!

1. Clear and Beautiful

The shape of the shower room should be beautiful when we decide to remodel our bathroom. Although the selection of shower room materials is important, the shape of the shower room should not be ignored. Everyone is a visual animal, the shower room is frequently used in daily life. A shower room with a good overall appearance can release a large amount of polyphenols amines in the human brain, improve people's aesthetic enjoyment, and then relax physically and mentally. The black frame shower enclosure is a good choice.

2. Easy Clean

The shower door is prone to stains and is not easy to clean. It is necessary to do cleaning work of different scales on a regular basis, so choosing an easy clean shower door can save time and effort. Let the time you save go have a great weekend.

3. Sliding Silent

When using the sliding door pulley, pay attention to it, because the inferior pulley is difficult to pull, and the glass is prone to explode when the force is uneven when pulling hard. Moreover, under long-term use, the inferior pulley will produce abnormal noise. When choosing a shower room, you should choose a silent slide shower door. Moreover, it is smooth and stable without stuttering when pulling.