A simple frameless pivot door actives your innovations

A simple frameless pivot door actives your innovations

Today,we use a Sunny shower's frameless pivot door to make some different bathroom design and get some good ideas for your bathroom.

First,let us show what a mysterious,but also very simple glass shower door for you as below picture:

From the picture,it is a very easy glass shower door,right?just one swing door and two aluminium frames.If you like it now?you can get it directly from the factoy.But,we can change it into below styles.

one is that,we can use it just as a screen,a swing screen,like below:

Which make your bathroom to be an amusing and agile space with an open entry design.

Also,we can create a corner swing doors for you by using two frameless pivot glass doors:

You can open it outwards or inwards according to your mood:

  • if we can use it for some place where a sliding doors will not work?yes,you can.This is the third,see below,it is easy to solve your problem:

  • Okay,today,we talk the design about changing,if you have some new ideas,you can left us your idea,we can use our products to fulfill it.

  • More designs,you can surf the shower doors factorySunnyShower